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”Homemade bread” – delicious homemade scones with detailed recipe

Recipe: ”Homemade bread”Ingredients:Water – 1 litre(warm)instant Yeast – 10 grams Salt – 1 h logcache – 1 tbs. Flour – 800-1000 g (+,-)Vegetable oil – 50 ml———————In warm water add the yeast,salt,sugar stir and leave for five minutes.Further, several approaches introduce the flour.The dough is well-kneaded,recruit oxygen.At the end add the vegetable oil and stir the mixture, cover with a film.Only,again knead and allow to rise again.Now the dough is spread on the molds, cover with a towel and again let rise.Grease with a yolk mixed with water or milk.Bake at 180 degrees for 30-40 minutes.Of these ingredients you get three or four loaves depending on the size of the form.If you do not want from the furnace, the excess dough can be removed in the freezer or knead half the norm.Similarly, this test can bake pies with savory fillings.Bon appetit❤it’s amazing Source: Купи батон! @ Youtube.

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