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Homemade burgers | Recipe in the description | Black Burger

Home of the Burger:✔Blockimage – 500 Moloko – 250 msica – 2 PCs dry Yeast – 7 Sahar – 1 tbsp Salt – 1 tsp Butter – 80 hungout ,we took the black ,so to did the black bun Dye food americolorГотовим the dough.Mix 3-4 tbsp of flour, sugar and milk.Add the yeast, mix. Remove in the heat for 10 minutes.After you stir the yeast mixture ,add egg and oil(prior to take out of the fridge ),add a couple drops of dye .Gradually add the remaining flour, knead the dough.The dough is not sticky, holds its shape and stays soft. Remove in the heat for 30 mins.Abenaim approached the dough, divide into parts .Each piece will form into a ball, cover for 5 minutes.Again abenaim and shape our buns.Put on a baking sheet at a distance from each other and leave them to rise for 30 minutes .Then grease with egg and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Bake at 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes.✔Meatballs:500 gr. beef mince, add salt,pepper, a little water ,fry in a pan for 4-5 min on each side .When the meatballs are ready put them on the cheese slices so it will melt ✔Coskrey onion,garlic ,water 50 мл300 to grobanite onion and garlic ,add tomato paste, water .salt and pepper to taste. keep on slow fire for 5 minutes ✔Machineboocyr federagenti(we have salty,we love so,but can be marinated as you like )Onion lettuce ✔Assembly of the Cut bun and podrumyanivaya every part on the inner side in the pan .Begin Assembly from the bottom up:sauce ,onion,lettuce,chicken ,cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers ,sauce on a bun, Bon appetit Source: Кристина Белан @ Youtube.

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