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Homemade granola – Breakfast in 5 minutes

Want to lose weight? Just don’t eat these 3 products: Granola with yogurt or kefir is a great idea for a delicious Breakfast. Complex carbohydrates, like in oatmeal, only this dish requires cooking. Moreover, it is preferable homemade granola is the proper, natural, without sugar and other additives. Granola at home is much more useful, because we can do it ourselves. Calorie granola our recipe – 400 kcal per 100 g of dry product, BDIM – 10/10/67. Plus in the fact that muesli granola preparing multiple servings – huge savings in time in the morning, and Jogging to catch!To cook 4 servings of homemade granola, take the following ingredients:200 g rolled oats that require cooking;2 tablespoons wheat germ;100 g of dried apricots;60 g of dried almonds 40 g raisins;50 g of dried apples;20 g of wheat bran.How to make granola? Chop apricots, raisins, nuts and dried apples and then mix with the remaining ingredients and put in a deep bowl with a screw-on lid or an airtight container. Oatmeal is better to pre-fry on a dry pan, stirring frequently. Stored the granola in the house Bank to 4 weeks.Instead of almonds you can take any other nuts, are better dried, not fried. Not recommended only peanuts. Optimal: cashews, walnuts, pecans. You can also use a dry mix of dried fruit that you bought at the store (the main thing that was of normal composition).This granola recipe is one of the most simple and delicious. Fill the can granola with milk, yogurt, yogurt, fresh juice, you can also add berries, fruit, chocolate chips, pumpkin seeds. Improvise and enjoy a delicious Breakfast!Homemade granola – Breakfast in 5 minutes: Source: Ivan Kupalo @ Youtube.

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