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Homemade ICE cream 4 ICE pop recipe: strawberry, orange, Apple, kiwi! SUPER DESSERT!

Delicious homemade ice cream Popsicles 4 recipe: strawberry, Apple, kiwi fruit and freshly squeezed orange juice. Excellent summer dessert based on frozen fruit juice or berry puree. This is a favorite treat of children and adults, cooked very quickly and simply but will need to wait a few hours until ice cream hardens in the freezer. Subscribe to our channel : Thousands of delicious recipes and tips for everyday life: Ingredients:Klubnichnaya – 200 g Sugar – 2H.yablochnyh – 1pc.Apple juice – 100 ml Sugar – 2 tsp Lemon juice – 1 tsp Kilikili – 3 pieces Sugar – 2 tsp. Aplysinopsin – 2 pieces Sugar – 2H.l.#ice cream #fruktovye #monogenerated #domashneeporno #domashnikov #recipe #cooking #napkin #gotwisdom————————————————— We are in VK : We are in OK We are on FB: We Yandex.Zen: Source: Нямкин – рецепты и советы @ Youtube.

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