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Hot lunch

Good day ❤it’s amazing⠀Today we have a recipe of roast ⠀Simple and tasty ⠀Ingredients:⠀● 500 grams of beef;● 3 tbsp. of Rast. oil;● 1 large onion;● 1 large carrots;● 2 large tomatoes (or pureed tomatoes packaging 500 ml);● 6 potatoes● 1 Bank t. peas;● oregano to taste;● salt, pepper● herbs to taste.⠀Chop onions and fry until transparent in vegetable oil. Add the carrots, sliced cubicipoldeint together a short time. Add the meat, cut into small pieces. Simmer until ready meat, if necessary pouring some water. Add chopped into small pieces tomato (preferably skin removed) or ready to take the pureed tomatoes. Simmer for about 10 minutes. Add water to cover the meat with vegetables, add salt, more paprika I added. Then add the potatoes. Cook until cooked kartoffelkafer add canned peas and oregano, simmer for 5-10 minutes and switch off.⠀Sprinkle with herbs and finished ⠀Bon appetit ⠀Author: @lenka.bondd⠀#roast #beef #cooking #of Mojada #of eded #recepti_for_inst #Goodies #sweets #taste #lunch #recipes #recipe #food #delicious #cooking #Gotovina #prepare #videorecipe #videorate Source: Recepti_for_inst @ Youtube.

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