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How DELICIOUS! No one will know what this BROWNIE! | Culinary with Tanya

the Structure of this brownie is just incredible! Moist, soft, tender and sooooo chocolatey! One SECRET ingredient – and it’s a masterpiece! Real chocolate cake! The recipe is very simple and fast. Bon appetit!#brownie #shokoladnyje #zucchini #baking #pie____________________________________▶️Get a 15% discount on promo code “Culinary” in the official online shop of tableware TalleR ➭ ▪ this is baking TalleR TR-6304, square 31*26*5 ➭ ▪ This bucket is TalleR TR-7191 ➭ ▪ this Set of knives TalleR TR-2004 ➭ ✅ Mail for cooperation: [email protected]_____________________________________ Click on the bell to not miss new video.➡ this Subscribe to our channel! Kulinarische ➡ now Share photos in group on Facebook ➡ on!!! Instagram: ☑ This is For those who want to help the channel: Form 23*23 see, All the ingredients should be at room temperature!Dough:150 gr. chocolate 130 gr. sugar (to taste)2 medium яйца50 gr. creamy масла40 gr. vegetable oil (50 ml)+/- 130 gr. wheat муки30 gr. cocoa порошка200 gr. кабачка5 gr. baking soda (1 tsp under the knife)0.5 tsp. salt, manilpulate:60 ml milk/сливок60 gr. сахара20 gr. cocoa порошка30-40 gr. butter____________________________________Form 23 * 23 cm.All ingredients must be at room temperature!Dough:150 gr. chocolate130 gr. sugar (to taste)2 medium eggs50 gr. butter40 gr. vegetable oil (50 ml.)+/- 130 gr. wheat flour30 gr. cocoa powder200 gr. zucchini5 gr. baking soda (1 tsp under the knife)0.5 tsp salt, vanillaFudge:60 ml. milk / cream60 gr. sugar20 gr. powder30 cocoa-40 gr. butter____________________________________ Cake Recipes: cakes: Simple dishes: Cakes: pastries: Recipes with cream cheese: Desserts: Meat dishes: To eat: main dishes: Source: Кулинарим с Таней @ Youtube.

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