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How to cook a BURGER – the Novice / Foodblogger / CHEF

I invited guests with different backgrounds to learn – what is the recipe for the Burger newbie, foodblogger and professional chef. At least our burgers are better than McDonald’s, Burger king and Black Star Burger. And perhaps even better than Burger Heroes and Novikov in Farsh (butcher Beef), but it’s up to you.And what burger you like the most? Cheeseburger? Double Cheeseburger with bacon? Or a Burger with mushrooms and truffle cream? Vote in the tooltip in the corner of the screen!➡ Instagram participants:Dima Matkin – Valentin – Sergey Sushchenko – Thank the culinary Studio “Live Kitchen” for the opportunity of shooting – ★ VKONTAKTE ★ Let’s Cook Show in VKONTAKTE Cooking art, chef – artist!#LetsCookShow #3уровняготовки #Burger Source: Lets Cook Show @ Youtube.

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