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How to cook cheesecake with jelly – Recipes from tastefully

in the Summer do not want to consume high-calorie cakes with a dense, covered in a huge number of cream cakes. In the heat of summer sweets should be fun and refreshing. And, fortunately, these two tasks perfectly copes cheesecake. And if you add it with a couple maximum summer ingredients, you get a real masterpiece.Cheesecake with fruit Supplement and jelly sweetness that everyone will be happy. The dessert looks so beautiful that it can be prepared even in honor of the celebration. If these fruits and berries for decoration you have on hand, don’t be sad, you can spread them over the cheese filling even the apples and pears will still be delicious and elegant.Full recipe Subscribe to our channel Vkontakte Ingredients:Wheat flour – 250 g Soda – 0.5 CH. l. butter – 100 g Egg – 1 PC. Cream – 50 ml Cheese – 150 g Gelatin leaf – 20 grams Kiwi fruit – 1 piece Orange – 1 piece Grapefruit – 1 PC. Blueberries – 20 PCs. – Sugar – 250 g#cheesecake #dessert #recipe #vkusnyatina #receptionarea #luckyrice #Gotovina #videorecipe Source: Рецепты от Со Вкусом @ Youtube.

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