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How to cook delicious EGYPTIAN SALAD! Simple salad recipe

It is really delicious Egyptian salad and here you will learn how to cook it very quickly. The salad can be prepared in two ways. First as a regular salad, and the second as an appetizer for guests. If this salad recipe as an appetizer, slice all the ingredients as fine as possible and fold into ready-made molds of dough. For this we need:feta Cheese – 150 gamletovich one sredstava agencyname lomonosovskoe masaninga paraselene: dill, parsley and matapato put in a bowl. With a fork shred it. Feta cheese is used for many dishes in the kitchen. Especially popular in Egypt, Italy, Greece. In these countries, like in the salad to put. There also pour the olive oil. Squeeze the lemon juice. Carefully stir everything up. House salad always has lots of useful products. Including olive oil.Pepper a pepper. Carefully all peremeshaem.Get a light salad.Then chop the cucumbers. The smaller, the better.Finely chop the mint. Mint clean first and use only the leaves.Very finely chop. Mint is a very useful seasoning. Especially fresh makes salad tasty and you can use every day. And then cut our dill. Onion as carefully and finely cut into small pieces.Bow even a little squeeze to let the juice.The entire salad again to mix.So we had a great Egyptian salad.It can be spread on the tartlets and serve as cold appetizers to guests.Egypt – a country in northeastern Africa and the middle East. Its rich history, has more than five thousand years of national Egyptian cuisine is very diverse, so all, without exception, will be able to find a favorite Egyptian dish to taste like a meat lover’s treats and vegetarian.Large selection of make up Egyptian salads. The variety, preparation and taste – delight and impress. We have prepared for you one of the recipes Egyptian salad that can be quick and tasty to prepare at home.Now you know how to cook Egyptian salad. Salad recipe is very simple. And the salad with cheese is very delicious and nutritious. Bon appetit to you!Channel life hack will take you to the world of useful tips.Video life hacks help you in your life. In this video different in different areas.Useful tips aimed at different aspects of our lives. It is health, cooking, food, sports, leisure, travel.Practical advice can give anyone. The main thing that was desire to make it in life.Life hacks will help you with this! Be with us!I am grateful to the authors that allow for Creative license Commap to use your video.All other materials taken from direct sources in Internet. Source: lifehacks – полезные советы с Валентиной Коло @ Youtube.

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