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How to cook homemade roast – a high-calorie lunch for the whole family

Recipe for homemade hot , which you’ll see in this video, is quite simple. However, a more delicious roast you haven’t eaten yet! Secrets of the recipe are many: it is the degree of roasting meat and onions, and the sheer amount of onions – it should be one-third of the quantity of meat; all the rest of the ingredients and their additives. In short, try to prepare – you will not regret.#tomashpilsakhar into 4 portions:pork fat (back or neck) 800 g onions 180 Gallo 150 kartofel 1200 Gal pepper – vseslavovich sheet – 3 large listproc peas – 5-7 porosimetry paste – 2 tbsp sugar – 2 h gotovita, enjoy and subscribe to the channel! Source: No Problem @ Youtube.

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