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How to cook Napoleon cake. Diet recipe quick cake for the Dukan diet.

Delicate, moist cake Napoleon. Recipe diet cake for the sweet tooth and for those who are on a diet. We eat cakes without harm to the figures, it is possible even at night. Cake without flour, no sugar, no bran, without butter.Cake Napoleon.Diet recipe quick cake in the pan.-Napoleon cake-the dough:1. 3pc. chicken яйца2. 30g. corn крахмала3. 5g. sweetener Фитпарад4. 1G. vanillacream:1. 50gr. skimmed молока2. 20gr. corn крахмала3. 5g. sweetener Фитпарад4. 250ml. milk (1,5%)5. 1G. vanilla#tortarolo the #dieticheskie #Svatonovice Source: Света на диете @ Youtube.

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