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How to Cook the Most SUCCULENT SANDWICH? Simple Recipes

This video is about how to make the MOST JUEST SANDWICH.00:00 Introduction00:13 Cooking Chicken01:18 Egg Salad02:06 Roasting Bacon and Onions02:38 Sour Cream – Garlic Sauce03:04 Slicing a tomato cucumber03:11 Roasting bread03:20 Cheese03:26 Leaf lettuce03:33 Build the Sandwich————————————————– ————————————————–For cooperation:Email: [email protected]: @ mr.popuskov————————————————– ————————————————–Hi, my name is Alexey Isaev – this is my first video on YouTube and the first step to my dream, I planned to make my channel for a long time and could not decide on it, but the time came when it was time!On this channel you will observe various recipes: from snacks to tasty and juicy dishes.If you are interested in How to Cook the Most Juicy Sandwich?I will show you interesting and tasty recipes from my life and the Internet =)How to make the most juicy sandwich?This chicken sandwich can be eaten every day.A simple sandwich recipe.You do not know what to cook for breakfast?Delicious food at home. Source: Попуски™ @ Youtube.

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