HOW to IMPROVE DIGESTION and metabolism: a NUTRITIONIST recommends KETO diet recipes.The use of the ketogenic diet!

to Read the recipe on my website:О Keto / Paleo / CarnivoreВ what is the use of the ketogenic diet? NUTRITIONIST recommends KETO diet recipes: how to improve digestion and metabolism! How to drink Apple cider vinegar on keto. Dr. Nick shares with you advice Dr. Berg. Apple cider vinegar heartburn Apple cider vinegar for digestion and how to restore the acidity of gastric juice. Apple cider vinegar diabetes how to take. My cocktail for digestive health and drink for digestion#Nutritionist #Kittiecat #Kettiya #of Polizatto Source: Доктор Ник / Кето Палео Карнивор / Dr Nik @ Youtube.