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How to make a cake a brownie without sugar and flour?

Cake brownies without sugar and flour in the Studio! Today I will show you not only the perfect dessert for the menu rawfoodist, but also a great way to use the mini blender for smoothies RAWMID Dream Mini. To buy a blender for home — professional or small — in our online store. Leave a link below. This raw food cake contains only 5 ingredients. Will be based on nuts and dried plums, shokoladnoi asks carob (you can substitute it for cocoa). The final touch of orange zest and juice, because we love the combination of chocolate and orange. Here’s a simple cake, brownies, and even without sugar and flour! If you choose which to buy blender for your home, be sure to look at our mini blender for smoothies RAWMID Dream Mini. Despite its name, it is able not only to cocktails. It is possible to cook soups, batter, stuffing for bean burgers, sauces, grind nuts or coffee. And yet — simple dessert of nuts and dried fruits, as our today’s raw cake. We like the mini blender for its compactness, small mass and the abundance of containers in the kit. It can be used to considerably expand its menu rawfoodist and eat useful, homemade meals at work, school, the gym or on the go. Buy model RAWMID Dream Mini BDM-07: ☎Contact: [email protected] or call us +7 (812) 244-91-75. Advice the most experienced professionals who know all about the technique. The fastest delivery to Russia and CIS (from 1 day). Product integrity and security – all will check, pack and insure.✔All products are certified and have quality certificates (CE, EAC). Only quality products – up to 15 years warranty.⌚Installment 1 click – registration and submission of application to several banks for 1 minute.We in the social. networks:VK Also in our online store you can find:the Screw and the pressing of the cold pressed juicers Professional blenders Oil press Progresively automatic, micropharma and aeroshade water Ionizers and air Turkey spiralizer and the working principle is easy (spiromat, benriner and other) Recipes for smoothies, green smoothies and raw food cuisine COOPERATION:If you have online store, shop, or do you do direct sales.If you have a blog, a video blog or an account in social networks with many subscribers – please contact us and we will gladly offer you cooperation on favorable terms. Source: Raw MID @ Youtube.

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