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DEAR FRIENDS!!!SO DECIDED TO PLEASE YOU WITH A BRAND NEW AND A VERY IMPORTANT PRESCRIPTION!!!WATCHING WITH PLEASURE!!!ALSO PUT LIKES AND WRITE COMMENTS))DON’T BE GREEDY!AND SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL ON THE FOLLOWING LINK: THE FRIENDS WE HAVE ON THE CHANNEL AND LOTS OF OTHER INTERESTING PLAYLISTS!Be SURE to CHECK IT with THIS REFERENCE:SIMPLE RECIPES: STORIES AND VLOGS: COOKING OUTDOORS: INTERNATIONAL CUISINE: SOUPS: FESTIVE MENU: DESSERTS: MEALS FROM the OVEN: TASTING of PRODUCTS: BAKERY: WHAT YOU SEE MAY NOT READ FURTHER)))BECAUSE IT is NOT within EVERYONE)))Once upon a time one a beginner cook came to the sage and asked him:-tell me Sage,and you cooked the zucchini in the oven ?the sage said the young man:-Delicious zucchini in the oven?The young man replied:-Yes, I need zucchini in the oven the recipe so you can bake oven (the boy and the wise do not speak Russian)))then the sage said:-to know the zucchini recipe and then learn how to get delicious zucchini,you must first make me a pizza oven and go to the store for beer))Student asked about the pizza:-and pizzashack ?pizza?I have one homemade recipe!the elder raised his tired eyes and asked:-pizza recipe – pizza in the oven?this can not be,that long lost recipe!The young chef smiled slyly and said to the elder:-if you teach me how to cook zucchini,I’ll give you this recipe!in our area,where I’m from all the guys crave zucchini recipes, delicious zucchini captured the minds of my countrymen!once the villains grabbed me and told me threatening so I cooked them a quick and tasty zucchini,but I said I do not know yet the art of cooking zucchini!then they beat me and said,-then preparing zucchini oven…zucchini or the cheese, or at least give us just a raw SQUASH!but I could only be silent((then they released me with the condition that I return in three days with the zucchini recipe!knowing the old man bowed his head and said, you know son what I was thinking?I came up with a great idea!if you know how to cook a pizza,and I know how to cook the courgettes,then why don’t we join forces and not to cook one dish together?the young man asked him in surprise:-but how?-it’s very simple!I just realized how to make a pizza a pizza of zucchini or squash pizza!moreover, I figured out how to cook the pizza!so now you know my recipe,and your countrymen will finally food!and so ended SEO story))and over the history of job himself I’m a doctor ВКУСНОFFСКИЙ!ALL the WHILE#bake #oven #zucchini #recipe #delicious #pizza #homemade #quick #tasty #cheese #cook #food #squash #pizzashack #вкусноffский Source: ДОКТОР ВКУСНОFFСКИЙ @ Youtube.

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