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How to make bread at home? Recipe white bread for bread maker REDMOND RBM-M1920

What you need to do to fragrant white bread turned out the first time? Having a bread maker REDMOND:) More about the bakery here: ingredients for the bread:• Water 260 ml• vegetable Oil 12 g• Sugar 20 g (1.5 tbsp)• Salt 6g (1 teaspoon)• Flour with 420 g• dry Yeast 2 g (3/4 teaspoons)Place ingredients in breadmaker in the following order: 1) water, 2) cooking oil 3) salt 4) sugar 5) flour: 6) the yeast. To close the lid. Set # 1 BASIC BREAD. Weight – 750 g crust Color – Medium. Click the START button. Cook until the end of the program.Bread maker REDMOND RBM-M1920 is a 3 in 1 device. Breadmaker, slow cooker and yogurt maker. Breadmaker RBM-M1920 is a modern multifunctional device for making bread and other dishes at home. It 19 auto programs. Now you can easily bake your favorite kind of bread at home, for example, whole wheat, rye or French. М1920 features autopedigree ready meals and delay the start of the program. The timer will allow you to cook to the specified time. On request bread can add additional ingredients such as seeds, nuts, or raisins. I will notify when it need to do a sound signal. You will be delighted with such a practical technique!Don’t forget to subscribe to “REDMOND Russia” and join our official groups in social networks!* * *We on Facebook: We on Facebook: follow us on Odnoklassniki: We learn: We are in Instagram: We’re on Twitter: #breadmaker #bread #Redmond Source: Redmond Russia @ Youtube.

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