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How to make French baguette | How to make French baguette | γαλλική μπαγκέτα

my Dear,today baked true French baguette,I want to share with you the secrets of this delicious bread.Watch the video and a nice view.#Comprehesible #of gotovimsya #receptorassociated flour 600 Gracie yeast 7 Graham 1 teaspoon salt 1.5 h lveda 350 Laslo 2 St лкунджутΣυνταγήαλεύρι 600 γρξηρή μαγιά 7 γρζάχαρη 1 κ γ κ άλατι 1,5 γνερό 350 mlλάδι 2 κουταλιές of σούπαςσουσάμι Source: Sirush Kitchen @ Youtube.

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