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How to make granola at home. A simple recipe

How to make granola at home. Simple receptacula and homemade granola will be very simple. Granola, dry cereals, dried fruits and nuts, has become a trend of healthy eating. On my channel more than 100 videos of recipes of various dishes every week, add new video recipes. Please your family with delicious dishes! We need:1) walnut 45g2) 45г3 cashews) pumpkin seeds 404) 45г5 prunes) dried apricots 45г6) cranberries, dried 40г7) cereal 200г8) powdered sugar 40г9) water 4-5 tbsp 10) ground cinnamon 0.5 tsp. Friends! Granola can be cooked with any additives, what You nravitsa!****************************************************************************************************************************************PLAYLISTY!!!-Meat and precisely – Very tasty pastries! Desserts, pancakes, dumplings, sladkoeshko – rice Dishes, genericsale – delicious first bloodscale – Delicious, simple salads and zakosciele Sauces and dressings Link – Drinks, kochalska – just link to my channel Source: Виктор Коротаев @ Youtube.

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