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How to make homemade hamburger classic recipe.

How to cook homemade hamburger. Who doesn’t like fast food? Yes, all his love, simply avoid due to fear of TRANS-fats. But if you cook a meal at home, then this damage the body receives. I constantly make hamburgers in the country is a good option for a snack in the fresh air.The burgers are great food for picnics, children’s birthdays, they can take on the road. Homemade hamburger good alternative to purchase as a lunch at work.If you liked the video subscribe to the channel!Ingredients:3 rolls with sesame seeds 400 gr. purchaser пластинками1 large pamidronate fresh салата1 bow rachitele маслокетчупсоль12 tsp. black переца12 tsp розмарина2 new garlic Source: Вкусное блюдо @ Youtube.

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