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How to make ice cream at home from simple and affordable ingredients

●Today we made ice cream. Video about how to make ice cream at home. A very simple recipe. This ice cream can be prepared each. Everything turned out very tasty, very good! If you don’t like sugary ice cream add less condensed milk. For any questions write in the comments or my social network. My wife in instagram a lot of recipes linked below. All a PLEASANT APPETITE! ●Recipe and ingredients:●Cream 30-33% fat 500 ml●Condensed milk 1 jar (we have 390 ml)●ALL!!! We also added some canned peaches and vanilla. ●instagram of Masalci: ●instagram of Masalci: ●instagram of Masalci: ●my instagram: ●my instagram: ●my instagram: ●my Facebook: ●my Facebook: ●my VK: ●Put huskies, write comments, share video with your friends!●Thanks for watching. Come again! Source: Александр Шельдяев @ Youtube.

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