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How to make lace for the cake. The recipe is flexible icing at home.

Dear friends!I want to share with you the recipe of a flexible icing, as I do at home lace and other beautiful patterns for confectionery!The recipe is very simple: get all the first time! I had a reservation instead of a honey cake I said cake Napoleon!40 g of corn крахмала40 g of fructose (you can replace sugar finely ground)2 tsp (6 g) pectin (Apple or citrus)80 ml воды2 teaspoon of invert syrup (you can substitute molasses or glucose syrup)2 tsp glycerines water-soluble dyes.Starch, fructose, pectin mix and add water and a water-soluble dye. Leave the mixture for 1 hour at room temperature. Then add 2 tsp glycerin and 2 tsp. of invert syrup and stir very well. Apply on a clean fat-free Mat( can be treated with alcohol or vodka)Dried in an oven at a temperature of 70 degree C by convection from 50 minutes to 1 hour. Check the readiness : the icing needs to depart a little from shape, check by prying the edge of the Mat.Subscribe to MY CHANNEL: and don’t forget the bell!!!:) I’m in INSTAGRAM: Summer pear dessert. Recipe with pears. Cream Bavaria. Pie-cake. Cake NAPOLEON. Napoleon with custard and coconut milk.The best recipe. Making a children’s cake out of cupcakes. Cupcakes with filling. Candy bar (Candy bar) Caramel cream with honey and with condensed milk. Caramel Honey Cake. Favorite recipes. Sour cream with whipped cream. Chocolate honeycomb. Medovik. Recipe of honey cake. Berry blueberry sour cream. Awesome taste of Homemade chocolate spread, “Eat me.” The chocolate cream. Сhocolate paste #kruzhevopletenie #recipe #gebietseinheiten Source: У Светки Соколовой @ Youtube.

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