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How to sleep for 4 hours and to lose weight in your sleep? Recipe PP Greek salad.

How to sleep 4 hours and to lose weight in your sleep? In the release tell your life hack to sleep, how to sleep and lose weight in a dream, after all, healthy sleep and sleep mode the conditions for effective weight loss forever!The link will find melatonin with code NAD8021 discount in the shopping cart that I use to fall asleep quickly , sleep better, and sleep ( ) There are also other forms and dosages of melatonin for proper sleep code NAD8021 discount in cart %D0%BC… ( %D0%BC…). For the recipe PP Greek salad we will need: tomatoes 2 PCs cucumber 2 PCs Bulgarian pepper 2 PCs feta cheese 30% 200 g salt to taste olive oil 10 gr seasoning Italian herbs rocket salad 30 g Cooking light recipe Greek salad washed and Cut vegetables for salad cucumbers and tomatoes , sprinkle with salt and pepper, mix salad, Tear the arugula and add to the vegetables in the salad, break the feta on top and sprinkle with Italian herbs Sprinkle with a little olive oil , use a spray bottle not to overdo a salad dressing KBZHU delicious greek salad per 100 g: 89.5/4.6/ 5.3/ 5 This is not a classic Greek salad deserves your subscription ! Share this video with those who are interested effective weight loss, proper nutrition , how to lose weight quickly , about sleep and weight loss, salad recipes, learn how to sleep on mode and the sleep tips and how to lose weight in your sleep For cooperation to Help the channel to grow Source: СПЕЦиЯ – канал о правильном питании с пп рецептами @ Youtube.

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