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I just mix the flour with the potatoes and pumpkin… dumplings – a popular recipe

Lazy dumplings with potato and pumpkin (popular recipe). Never believe it’s so good until you cook yourself. And yet – amazing pumpkin filling… Yummy!!!Ingredients:For the dough:150 g муки200 g boiled картофеля100 g of boiled chicken тыквы1 jellicle filling:200 g тыквы2 tbsp vegetable oil1 Cup water or молока1 tbsp musical on Kusumoto nutmeg Rehavia greens vkusu tsp of coriander or other spices to kosupure black ground – to koskovich my book “Your bread”: by Clicking on the is offered in the video, You help channel. Thank you!!!On the issue of Advertising and Cooperation to write to the Contacts: Source: Татьяна Аврова @ Youtube.

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