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I Love This Recipe! Nest of Pasta with Minced meat!

a Delicious hearty dinner or lunch, a nest of pasta with minced meat!On my channel a lot of delicious and interesting dishes.Follow the link: My second channel KITCHEN FOR 1 MINUTE, there are many quick video recipes, subscribe: MY Instagram PAGE there are short recipes: For commercial requests: [email protected]************************RECIPE:pasta (nests) 300 300 gpars pork Gluck 3 Starkov 2 stcatnoc 2 subcitizen 100 tomatnyi sauce 100 gsir solid 100 Gal and pepper to Cusumano for archivada (stew dish) 500 ml (to cover noodles)Serve the finished dish is sprinkled with herbs*************************My group Vkontakte: I’m in the Classmates: My group in Facebook: Page on Facebook:: ********************************View my playlists: Easter recipes: Dishes on the holiday table Simple and delicious homemade cakes and desserts Home canning Very tasty first dishes meat Dishes fish Dishes Tasty and simple salads and snacks, Vegetable dishes, grilled Dishes Drinks *************************************#the macaron #recalibration #macaronically #of gnezdishko #of receptionnaire #dinner #pasteurized #recipes #recategorizing #tastyfood Source: Tasty food @ Youtube.

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