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I make a pasta Recipe Soviet times

a Classic recipe of pasta from the Soviet era. Fast, easy and delicious!#macronimous #of ecssr #of recepts #of receptaculum #bladaskadangblada cooking 20 minutes Ingredients:* 500 gr.dry pasta;* 500 gr. cooked meat;* 2 onions;* 1-2 tbsp sunflower oil;* 25-30 gr. butter* salt and black pepper to taste.*********************************************Last video:Barbecue in the Bank Very soft, juicy and tasty Braised cabbage with meat in the sleeve Simply put and forgotten – an Omelette with potatoes | a Delicious tortilla in the pan – *********************************************I Recommend to watch MY PLAYLISTS:1. Dishes with meat – Very quick and easy dish – Dessert: cakes, desserts – Baked in the oven – Fry in a frying pan – Easy snacks for every taste – Severe male kitchen – 8. For winter harvesting: conservation, pickles – 9. Entrees – *********************************************Love a tasty meal? Then you have come to the right place! =)On this YouTube channel you will always find simple and delicious recipes of various dishes. Recipes for every taste and color. Every day cooking with a twist and soul of all sorts of healthy breakfasts and hearty Lunches, delicious dinner and fancy desserts.May you be delicious! =)My channel in Yandex Zen: My channel in the Telegram: My Pinterest: ***************************************************************** Source: Вкусные рецепты @ Youtube.

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