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Insanely delicious cake with raspberries and chocolate!

Hello! Like Malinka? Let’s bake tea delicious and aromatic cake with raspberries and chocolate. Cake recipe with raspberry fairly simple and deal with it every. The basis for the test I use milk and rust. oil. Cake with raspberries get a big, lush, soft and delicious!*****************************Ingredients are designed for a round shape 24 cm Recipe:three eggs,sugar – 200 gr.milk – 150 ml,rust. oil – 75 ml., chocolate – 50 gr.,vanilla essence or sugar,flour – 320 gr.a pinch of salt,a pack of baking powder (10 gr.),raspberry – 150 grams.Bake a cake with raspberries at 180 C for 40 minutes. Readiness check with a toothpick. *****************************Detailed recipe with photos on my website **********************************Thank you for watching! Put the fingers up and subscribe to the channel! You are not complicated, and I am pleased!*********************************It’s insanely delicious:the Pastry dough Homemade mini pizza Bagels yogurt I will eat well!!! Source: Вкусные Рецепты Алёнки @ Youtube.

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