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Issue 7. Kharcho soup. Georgian soup. Georgian dish.

Issue 7. Kharcho soup. Georgian dish.============================================Information about video:kharcho Soup. Delicious Georgian cuisine. Very rich, flavorful, most delicious Georgian soup Kharcho. A wonderful recipe for this soup will turn even the beginners. Cook with pleasure and Bon appetit! Thank you all!============================================Recipe pot 3-liter:Beef on the bone – 1 kg Rice – 4-5 tbsp Onions – 1 Shi.Tomatoes – 2 PCs. Spicy adjika – 1 tbsp Tkemali Sauce – 3 tbsp Khmeli-Suneli – 1 tbsp Garlic – 3 gear.Ground black parasoller(cilantro,parsley)============================================See previous video: video used music track from the free YouTube music library website ,the Song “Ice Cream”.============================================The author and his contacts: Instagram [email protected]============================================ССЫЛКА ON MY SECOND CHANNEL: Source: COOKTOP @ Youtube.

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