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Italian Homemade PIZZA recipe

Italian ingredients according to the recipe with a 24-hour maturation:1 kg of flour:- 0,5 l of cold water, even better if it’s ice – 15 g salt – 30 g sugar – 80 ml cold pressed olive oil – 8 g of fresh yeast, tomato purée, dried Basil and oregano – garlic – salt – olive oil cold pressed – mozzarella for pizza – more dry and tough than the one sold in the salt packaging.Half the dose (used in video):500 g, flour: 250 g flour and 250 g of flour помола250 ml of water at room температуры10 g fresh дрожжей7 g соли15 g сахара40 ml cold-pressed olive oil……………………….Hello, my name is Elena Vmesnikov and I am the author and presenter of the channel at the same time. I love to cook since childhood, and 25 years ago I became a lecturer of public organization “Life and health” (Slovakia), focus on vegetarian dishes. My recipes combine traditional and vegetarian dishes (the classic recipe) of different cuisines and adapted versions of originally non-vegetarian dishes. Here you will learn the basic principles of healthy food preparation, allowing to experiment and to cook their recipes are healthy.On the channel you’ll find home-cooked, simple, delicious and BEAUTIFUL recipes! I especially love RECIPES FOR WINTER: CAKES AND DESSERTS: All recipes are tested, so don’t worry about the result will be not only useful but also delicious! Cook for health! Elena Vmesnikov. Source: Елена Вкусникова @ Youtube.

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