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Japanese cheesecake – Recipes from tastefully

the urge to make Japanese cheesecake I came up with after watching the movie about the colorful street food of the country. Although this masterpiece of confectionary art it is hard to call cheap snack, it enjoys unprecedented popularity among the local population and tourists.Delicate, airy like a sponge, the original Japanese dessert catches the eye, although it does not usually adorn: imagine a lush, slightly trembling biscuit with creamy taste. This is gorgeous!Full recipe Subscribe to our channel Vkontakte Ingredients:Milk – 130 ml Cream cheese – 100 g butter – 100 g Egg yolks – 8 PCs. Wheat flour – 60 g of Corn starch – 60 g Egg whites – 13 PCs Sugar – 130 g#cheesecake #dessert #recipe #vkusnyatina #receptionarea #luckyrice #Gotovina #videorecipe Source: Рецепты от Со Вкусом @ Youtube.

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