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Japanese omelette Oyakodon with chicken breast in slow cooker! Super fast BREAKFAST!

the Recipe is a delicious omelette Oyakodon is the most delicious Breakfast especially in combination with rice! Fans of Japanese cuisine will satisfy!Print the recipe on my text blog: Small please Write in the comments something good or leave any smilingly me is VERY important!I want to see people who like what I cook ⏩ n O N N And S V A Y T E S ⏪Prigotovlennaja I have cooked rice – after cooking the rolls for example,I always cook this delicious omelet that combines very well with rice.This time I decided to cook Oyakodon in a slow cooker and I want to tell you is no worse than on the stove.The Cup put in the frying mode,heated and poured soy sauce.When soy sauce began to boil I added onion cut into half rings,stir and gave a little sacramentalist,then added sugar and another minute, I prototile.Added chicken breast cut into slices of elongated shape and are well mixed.Cover and put out 5-7 minutes.Then opened the lid and roast until most of the liquid has evaporated and meat is tender.Pre-poured lightly beaten eggs and leave to simmer stirring for another 3-4 minutes.Rice has laid out eggs,decorated with lettuce leaves and cottage cheese.Before use, poured some more soy sauce.Ингридиенты1,5 St of cooked rice 1 chicken грудка6-7 tbsp soy sauce 1 tbsp сахара1 луковица3 eggs#omelette #oyakodon #Japanese#rostovchanam #of oksanatimoshenko#podomashnemu #mysterypark #bistrigiceps#receptacle #neckarwerke#japonskaja #epescially#Breakfast Source: Вкусные рецепты & Оксана Филоненко @ Youtube.

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