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Japanese sponge cake “CASTELLA”.Recipes from Galina/Japanese biscuit castella

Subscribe to my channel: the Channel my husband “Sergei Cottager” Flint Mat for the dough: Scale for food: My channel on Facebook: My channel on Twitter : the Recipe for the dough:6 eggs (medium),160 g sugar( better to take small ones),1 teaspoon vanilla.of sugar,a pinch of salt,50 grams of honey,60 ml milk,20 ml Rast.oil,150 grams of flour,30 g starch (corn me). The baking temperature of 160 -170 degrees, baking time 45 to 50 minutes. Test Recipe:6 eggs160 g sugar1 teaspoon vanilla sugara pinch of salt,50 gr honey60 ml of milk20 ml of vegetable oil,150 gr flour30 grams of starch. Rich,sweet pastry: Pastry: Pies, fried and baked: cookies and cakes: Cookies and biscuits: Source: Выпечка и кулинария. @ Youtube.

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