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Japanese sponge cake

the Recipe for this cake I took on a Japanese website. So we can say it is the most correct(perhaps!)The texture of the dough extraordinary. You can compare with the cloud.Make sure to prepare, very simple to prepare, most importantly, stick to the recipe.Take shape with a diameter of 22 to get high.I used the form in diameter 26⠀Ingredients: 6 eggs 100 ml milk 60 g butter 20 g starch 60 g flour 90 g sugar⠀1️⃣In milk, add butter in a water bath melt.2️⃣ 5 egg yolks and one whole egg one at a time add in milk mixture and stir until smooth.3️⃣Separately, beat 5 egg whites with sugar until peaks.4️⃣Gently combine the two.5️⃣In a baking pan rolling out the parchment paper, as shown in this video recipe, spread the dough on the outside wrapped with foil tightly, place on a baking sheet. On the bottom pour water.6️⃣Bake at 150 degrees for 1hr 30 minutes.⠀Bon appetit ♥this ♥this ♥this Source: Sign up Source: insta – food @ Youtube.

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