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The chocolate BROWNIE WITHOUT the chocolate.The most juicy !With a quick !In General, all “most” are gathered in this recipe! Rather, keep !Take one glass of 180-200 ml and measure them all.In the video I used a mixer but you can do well and whisk !Just mix all the ingredients: flour 1стакан 1стакан sugar 1/2 Cup cocoa 1 h l baking powder 1 h l soda 1 egg 1/2 Cup milk/ water 1/4стакана vegetable oil 1/2 Cup to Kopatkevichi at 180• 30-35 minutes, I immediately make a double batch, because flies at the moment!Bon appetit❤it’s amazing Source: Кошерные рецепты Леи Осиповой @ Youtube.

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