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Juicy burgers on the grill | beef Burgers with their hands

► My Instagramm: In this video, Evgeny Barannikov will show you how to cook These Juicy Burgers on the grill! Tender meatballs made of beef and juicy fat! This simply elegant recipe that you can follow yourself!Ingredients:Minced beef/bacon – 1.2 kg/120грЛук onions (for stuffing) – 200 grulke for Burger – 6 stelcon – 30 grcar plastics – 12 stselenie cucumbers – 15 promitory – 20 grranny onion – 100 graus BBQ – 15 Hermiones – 15 graus “Jack Daniels” – 15 grivegnee oil – 10 Grol, Presspass preparation:1. Mince: beef, bacon, onions. Salt and pepper well to repel. To form patties 12-14 cm. 2. Tomatoes and cucumbers cut into thin round slices, red onion rings. Onions to bake on the grill. 3. BBQ sauce mixed with mayonnaise. 4. The two halves of loaves inside greased with butter, bake on the grill until delicious-Golden colour. 5. On the grid to lay out the cutlets, fry on the grill until medium rare, a minute until cooked, put on the burgers plastics cheese.6. Fry the bacon on the grill.7. To assemble the Burger: half rolls to lubricate the prepared sauce, put the red fried onion, chicken cheese, vegetables and bacon. Top a loaf of bread lubricate the sauce “Jack Daniels” and close the Burger press down lightly.Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound Source: тычЁповар @ Youtube.

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