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Juicy Chicken with Potatoes in the Oven without FUSS/Delicious Dinner (Lunch)

When faced with the question of what to cook for dinner to eat both children and adults, I immediately think of a recipe for baked #chicken (chicken drumsticks, thighs, wings) with potatoes in the oven. The chicken turns out very juicy, and the potatoes soaked in chicken broth, just gorgeous. It is very tasty, be sure to cook.************************************************ Subscribe to the Channel! Press the BELL in order not to miss new VIDEO! Leave A Comment! Click like!!! I WILL BE VERY PLEASED! **************************************************Ingredients – 700 g potatoes – 6-7 chicken legs – 2 tbsp sour cream – 1 tbsp mustard – 1 tsp salt – pepper to taste – 0.5 tsp. papakipos приготовления1. Peel potatoes and cut into 4-6 pieces.2. To the potatoes add washed chicken, salt, pepper, paprika, sour cream, mustard. Mix everything carefully.3. On the bottom of the form for baking put the potatoes on top of chicken. 4. The form, cover with lid or foil and put in the oven for 40 minutes at 200 degrees. Then remove the lid and continue to bake another 30 minutes.A delicious dinner of chicken drumsticks with potatoes ready. All a pleasant appetite!********************************************************************** I recommend to watch MY PLAYLISTS: 1. BAKING recipes Recipes DUMPLINGS, DUMPLINGS Recipes SAVOURY BAKING Recipes PANCAKES, PANCAKES Recipes SIDE dishes Recipes preparations FOR the WINTER Recipes MEAT Recipes of SNACKS, Recipes of PIES AND pastries Recipes POST Recipes VEGETABLE Recipes CHICKEN Recipes FISH Recipes SALAD Recipes WITHOUT BAKING the sauce Recipes DELICIOUS DINNER RECIPES TO slow cooker RECIPES FOR FESTIVE TABLE TASTY BREAKFAST RECIPES DESSERTS RECIPES entrees #receptionost #dinner #lunch #chartscalorie #PoDomashnemy Source: ПоДомашнему Готовим Вкусно и Просто @ Youtube.

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