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Juicy minced chicken chicken video recipe

Hello! Today cook chopped chicken cutlets.On the side are going to cook boiled rice.Recipe:Chicken breast: 2 Stokely bulb: 1 stokesay on kusubira black perezito: 1 stukachestvom: 2-3 subdiagrams: 1 dining room Larkana garnish: reserpine and labor: 30 MinuteMachine to cook.Chicken fillet cut into small cubes.Grind onion, garlic, add to the chicken.Sprinkle with pepper, salt. The egg.All mix well.Allow to stand for 5-10 minutes.Add starch, stir.Put a large spoon into the pan with vegetable oil.Fry cutlets from both sides. Cover with a lid when you fry on the second side.Fried patties fill with water 2/3 of the pan.Salt. Add sour cream.Simmer for 5-7 minutes under the lid.Juicy cutlets are ready, pour the sauce garnish, eat.Bon appetit and good mood! Source: КакЕстьТакЕсть @ Youtube.

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