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JUICY SKEWERS OF CHICKEN BREASTS! Chicken kebab: tasty even cold.

JUICY SKEWERS OF CHICKEN BREASTS! Chicken kebab: tasty even cold.SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: Hey, guys! Today we will cook very tasty and juicy chicken kebab. This recipe for chicken kebab just the bomb, as the meat will be delicious even cold the next day. The advantage of chicken meat is that it is more soft and gentle. Also chicken kebab is marinated faster and is. It’s considered more diet, especially if prepared from the fillet. The marinade for the chicken is from the mayonnaise, onions and Italian sauce. Due to the fact that the composition of products includes mayonnaise and onion juice. These two ingredient in barbecue is capable of doing miracles. The more you know that mayonnaise contains vinegar and more, this means that the chicken barbecue will be not only excellent taste but also the aroma.In General, be sure to try this recipe of chicken shashlik, I am sure that you and your family will love!Ingredients:-chicken breast;-onion – 1 PCs;-mayonnaise 470 ml; Italian sauce;- salt, black pepper.Bon appetit!Link to this video: MEAT DISHES TANDOORI DISHES IN a CAULDRON POULTRY DISHES COOK IN the OVEN NEW CHANNEL for the LAMB to COOK ON the GRILL/GRILL LIFE IN AMERICA #Sharlykskoye #Kuanyshalin#of Marinediesels********************Add to friends: INSTAGRAM – Vkontakte – Source: ЮРЕЦ ГОТОВИТ @ Youtube.

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