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JUICY Triangles SATIATED HUSBAND | Great Recipe for Breakfast or Snack

And samosas and pasties, and empanadas – all the flavors in one! Quick recipe with meat, vegetable and cheese filling. Very simple, hearty and delicious recipe for a pita.*****chicken fillet 250-300гсыр 150главашпомидоры 3-4штзеленый Lucchese 1 delgaizo 2штмолоко 2-3st.liones 2st.Kungut (optional)salt kosovaren chicken fillet finely chop. Add chopped green onions, grated garlic. grated cheese. Tomatoes are not cut finely, add to stuffing and season with salt. Pita bread cut into strips with a width of 12-15cm. Each strip grease with mayonnaise, put the filling and roll triangle. Beat eggs with milk. The triangles in turn to dip in the egg mixture and fry both sides for a few minutes in vegetable oil. Spread the finished triangles on a paper towel. *****I recommend to do: – delicious grated Apple pie cheesecake donuts one Cup of water pizza without yeast *****Thanks for the views, likes, and reshares!SUBSCRIBE to my channel HitFood!Click on the bell – new recipes every day!#hitfood #bistrigiceps #appetizer #of recepticles Source: HitFood @ Youtube.

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