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Kebab in a pot? How to cook fried potatoes with meat: the recipe of beef with potatoes

Welcome to the channel, “Time to eat!”. Today I will show you how to cook potatoes with the meat skewers in a pot on the stove with potatoes.Meat (beef) with potatoes turns out was unreal. Dish in Kazan will appeal to all. Try and enjoy yourself.Ingredienti:1. Meat (govai.) – 350 gr.2. Potatoes – 1.5 kg. 3. Onion – 2 goal.4. Tomatoes – 1 PC. 5. Little etc.6. Salt, cumin, pepper, coriander – вкусу7. Yogurt – 3 tbsp——————————–also See – 1. Goose baked in the oven entirely – recipe how to cook tender and juicy stuffed goose How to cook delicious chicken in the oven whole – step by step recipe for roasting crispy chicken in the oven – How to cook lamb in the oven with the potatoes – the recipe is delicious and baked mutton sleeve – See also preparation of salad “Olivier” – See also cooking “Sauerkraut” – Duck baked in the oven: step-by-step recipe how to make soft and juicy duck in the sleeve as a whole, “Time to eat!” is a channel about cooking delicious food … and not only! Welcome to our channel! Here we are publishing your video recipes! To cook them to be delicious, easy, fast and affordable! We cook at home in the kitchen! SUBSCRIBE to our channel! Put LIKES, SHARE recipes with your friends! We’ll cook together!—————————————————————————— Source: Время Есть! @ Youtube.

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