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Keto diet. Keto chocolate candy. Recipe keto – bomb. Praliene

Keto diet. Keto chocolate candy. Recipe keto – bomb.Keto peanut butter cups in chocolate. A great way to add not only fat, if they are not enough, but also to cheer yourself up. Especially if the day has not dawned. On a bad day every little thing can be the last straw, so all the little things become noticeable as a stain on a white shirt in plain sight. So these little things do not annoy, need time to be able to calm down and something to please myself. There are many ways. One of them is chocolate and chocolates. But if they have no sugar, that is very good!Coconut oil – 40ml.Peanut butter – 20g.Cocoa -10 gr.Almond flour – 10gr.Sweetener. Source: Rosa Miller @ Youtube.

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