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Light Italian tuna salad. #saltstone, #videometadatacountry

hi All today I want to share with you the recipe of delicious and easy Italian summer #salad.Ingredients for “Italian tuna salad”:Cabbage — 200 pomidory cherry 10 seguret — 3 stires Bulgarian — 3 stloc onion — 1 green stolovki ((180 gr.)) — 1 ban.Corn ((50 gr.)) — 1 ban.Tuna — 1 ban.Vinegar ((wine vinegar)) — 1 tablespoon olive Oil — 4 tbsp black Pepper — for unusual — to busreset “Italian tuna salad”:1. Vegetables cut into small, random pieces, onion half rings, olives cut into two halves. In a bowl put all the chopped vegetables, onion, olives, corn and tuna fillet ( juice from tuna reserve for dressing)2. Make salad dressing: mix in bowl juice, tuna fillets, olive oil, wine vinegar, salt and ground black pepper, all mix well. 3. Dressed with the salad dressing and leave for 30 minutes to salad got soaked.#Caprihotelcasino #Videometadatacountry #Видиорецептприготовленияитальянскогосалатастунцом #Of Palagonitization #Of Пошаговыйрецептприготовлениялетнегоитальянскогосалата #Solarstorm #Videometadatacountry #Пошаговыйрецептприготовлениясалатастунцом #Готовимдомасалатстунцомикукурузой #Легкийсалатсоливкамикукурузойитунцом #To Campigotto #Gotwisdom Source: Готовим дома @ Youtube.

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