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Limoncello at home! Italian liqueur with vodka. Recipe.

#recipe#Limoncello#moonshine#likelike Italian liqueur Limoncello. It is popular not only in Italy but throughout the world. Thanks to the simple technology and available ingredients with the preparation of the drink successfully cope with even novice cooks. In the traditional techniques of cooking as the alcohol base used 96% grape spirit, but in the home fit and shop vodka or moonshine clean and odourless. We will make Limoncello with vodka.Vodka – 1 liter Water – 300 ml Sugar – 200 gr.Lemon – 6 PCs Subscribe to my channel Recipes Meanie THANK you for any assistance in the development of channel Promotional offers and cooperation [email protected]Моя group Group Vkontakte and Classmates My instagram @reception_vredinaПлейлисты: main dishes. Gorgeous snacks! The meat dishes. Snacks. Pancakes. Pancakes and beyond. Salads. Fast food! Pizza! Rolls. #of receptivity Source: РЕЦЕПТЫ ВРЕДИНЫ @ Youtube.

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