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Liquor Rossana (Rossana). Italian recipe. Such on the Internet no. // Oleg Karp

an Original and unique drink. Liquor Rossana. Website My personal Blog Here I have collected the 50 best recipes of alcoholic drinks And here I picked up for You the best goods from AliExpress Manufacture of CHARCOAL. Full technology with the drawings of the equipment. Here is a link to download My Kontaktaadress Zen @olegkarp1 Instagram or Facebook Using the channel to create the Studio, the purchase of equipment. To participate everyone can. The amount does not matter. Just put what you can afford. Yandex Money WebMoney 410011074847723WebMoney Z308924478807 долларыU230842683961 WebMoney rivneposhta [email protected]#олегкарп #literocia #of italianseriea don’t forget to watch how to make a tincture or infusion. Here I have prepared for You the best recipes and also you will get Acquainted with recipes of unmatched dishes here Subscribe to the channel to not miss the new video Channel Oleg Karp – this is a video about proven methods of doing business and the methods of growing vegetables and herbs year round using the open ground and greenhouses for various purposes, I show you how to build and give a recommendation as a practitioner.Thanks to YouTube I was able to provide a lot of useful skills to streamline our and so is not an easy life. This is practical advice for immediate application.The channel shows a lot of recipes, the whole process of cooking and serving suggestions.And not spared news stories on travel, which will come in handy for reference and exclusive of the shooting not to be missed. My motto is, action and simplicity. Cooking, recipes, homemade recipes, how to cook at home, you will learn it and learn to do my video.The main emphasis is on homemade recipes, and easy cooking.It considers the production of moonshine at home. WELCOME !!!SUBSCRIBE TO the CHANNEL and get a UTILITY !!! Source: Олег Карп @ Youtube.

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