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Lost 43 kg Best Recipe for Oatmeal Cookies Without Flour and Sugar for weight loss Cookies Eat and lose Weight

For Oatmeal Cookies Without Flour and Sugar we need:Oat flakes of fast preparation – 160 grabaci – 350 gramaseva chips – 2 tbsp Flour – 30 grumio baking I didn’t grease,if necessary lubricate the paper You are using,this will be written on the package.Bake in a preheated 175 degree oven for 20 minutes.Bon appétit!))Lost 43 kg Best Recipe for Oatmeal Cookies Without Flour and Sugar for weight loss Cookies Eat and Huautla commercial requests: [email protected]Дневник food: Meals and menus: How to lose WEIGHT: Recipes for weight loss: the final days: Psychology: Analysis of diets: SPORT: a Recipe for Tomato Sauce: Soup Recipe for Weight loss: a Recipe of Viennese Waffles: We can now communicate in VK Instagram Why doesn’t the counting KBZHU Drinking regime Response to subscribers Sweet with weight loss Effect tea bag Sauce instead of mayonnaise I eat and lose weight My physical activity bread Recipe Snacks Breakdowns Top 5 life hacks for the holidays my name is Maria Mironovich Two years ago I weighed 120 kg and Now I lost 43 kg and continue to reduce your weight.I’m losing weight without dieting,without sport,without grueling workouts and starvation.My diet consists of many parts and it is very effective.They are able to take advantage of almost anyone who wants to lose weight.But! It is necessary to exert minimal effort to change your lifestyle to adjust sleep and rest,diet,change of food habits.And You will lose weight!Lose weight like You never imagined! In this video I am Mary Mironavich share with You a very interesting recipe.This wonderful dish is called Oatmeal Cookies Without Flour and Sugar#mariamilani #of judeobeast #to ekohotel #emaudio Source: Как ПОХУДЕТЬ @ Youtube.

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