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Love ALL ! WIN-WIN BUDGET QUICK PIE. BSC French EGG PIE: Today is a quick Egg recipe French cake recipe French cuisine. Top pie. I called the BBB Cake. WIN-WIN BUDGET QUICK PIE. Love to all ! The ingredients are simple. The filling can be done different. Win-win pie recipe PP, believe me! Dough recipe : INGREDIENTS for egg stuffing:✔5-6 eggs✔250 ml. cream (can milk or Greek yogurt)✔4 tbsp. tomato paste✔200-250 grams of tuna in its own juice✔cheese✔salt and pepper✔grass ПровансаᅠХудеем in French with Elena France. Fench PP from Provence. Second channel. Lose weight in French with Elena France. ⚫Support the channel: ⚫Souvenirs with our Logo “Elena France”: My channel: Cooperation/Business: [email protected] For the development of channel:My Paypal: INSTAGRAM: WATCH OTHER VIDEO:==================================MARRIED the POOR HOMELESS FRENCHMAN! EMIGRATION to FRANCE AS FAMILIES of GENDARMES FRANCE HISTORY of WEIGHT loss of 12 kg WHY French women are THIN ==================================#precept #pie #aichmajerova #bistrigiceps #to ekohotel #frantsuzskaya #judeanprincess #of frenchpop #Pravilnaya #PP #Starovoitova #to Kakistocracy #to Ekohotel #of Zdarovabrogyagi #Exposition #Krasivaya #HLS #Stroynavigator #Slimming #dimadima #elearance #elenafrance #videoagency #bloggerparty #IG #PG================================= to lose WEIGHT REAL ! Doing FRENCH with the most famous FRENCH NUTRITIONIST. This SUMMER DIET the French blew up the Internet. How quickly to lose WEIGHT in a week? Hi, my name is Elena and I am the founder of the channel Elena France the Life of a Siberian in France. Provence with a Soul! In their video I show real life in France, French life, my French family and my French relatives. Talk about the French, their way of life, traditions. Shoot Vlogs and reviews bio products, cosmetics, PP French recipes. I’m married to a Frenchman. We are traveling to Provence, to present what to visit in Provence. And also my channel about nutrition. Here you will find useful and easy PP recipes from Elena France. I tell you how to lose weight on proper diet, as well as advice from the French nutritionists. On the channel we teach conversational French with a native speaker! The lessons are very simple, but useful.Be sure to subscribe to not miss new videos about France. Source: Elena France – Жизнь Сибирячки во Франции @ Youtube.

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