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Low carb Chocolate Coconut CAKE ☆ #KETO

cake Recipe for anyone who follows a low-carb diet, rich in proteins and fats!The right cake can and should be delicious;)USEFUL LINKS:Products for nutrition I order on iHerbВИДЕО about how beneficial to order on iHerb and save contain psyllium (can be added to cereals, salads, baking or just to drink water – this is VERY useful!!!) Here is a more profitable format Erythritol Stevia Store Chocolatl Promo code for a 5% discount- Small0119Миндальная flour Cocoa Cream cheese RECIPE:4 яйца30 gr gr almond муки30 какао1 tbsp псилиума60 эритритола300 gr gr unsalted сыра250 ml coconut malariological to taste#PP #cake #keto☆Contact:Site feed on the life of Cooperation and advertising [email protected] Group VK Telegram channel Tag me on your photo in Instagram and put #yuliya_small_рецепты , so I missed Your posts;) @yuliya_small Source: Yuliya Small @ Youtube.

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