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Lunch for the whole family. Without harm to the figures. Fast and not expensive. The recipe is flavorful and hearty pilaf PP

Looking for something to cook for dinner.So tasty ,hearty and not expensive.Yes, and without harm to the figures.I suggest you to prepare fragrant pilaf for the whole family.Which is safe to eat on the diet.We ponadobyatsya glinozemistyj steamed( you can either just rinse it well with water) 300 morcovi 100 Gluk bulb 80 grmela 2 tbsp. vegetable laso with chicken legs without the skin 720 grams (you can fillet but it’s dry)Water 500 militum I added at the end of the 30 degrees ( unfortunately not filmed)in jelayuschih you can take on your taste.I macieira 5 g ( without her risotto not a risotto)Khmeli – Suneli 5 rperez black red 5грОстрый 5 g (without if you do not like spicy)Salt kusubira the meat( consisting of barberry and pepper preferably) 10 gravy Provencal and Italian 5 g of each species is seleniumreainc 5 gr ( grains)Turmeric 5 g for citationist ready meals 179.59 100 hrelkov of 8.21 5.63 fats carbohydrates 15.37 to Eat properly using a simple and not expensive dishes. Prepare delicious and without harm to the figures.#diet #pravolineynaya #ajudou #recipes for dietarians you appetite. Lose weight delicious and not Dorogova instagram follow us and find out how I lost 10 kg My contact for questions and suggestions Source: Худею как умею @ Youtube.

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