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Lunch instant food! Quickly, simply, and only 80 Calories. Not commonplace recipe for breast

Subscribe Hello! Hardly manage to find a popular diet product than chicken breast. The high concentration of protein and a minimal figure of carbohydrates is a real gift for those who adhere to a healthy diet or want to lose weight! Today I will show you how you can prepare it in a new light! The dish turns out very tasty! You need : Chicken breast – 400 gr.Garlic – 3 cloves.,Tomatoes in own juice – 400 gr.Vegetable oil – 10 gr.,Italian seasoning – to taste.,Salt, pereza 100g ( without garnish ) 79.93 кКал12.14/2.38/2.48 #PP #precept #marinaproject☛ I in Sots. Sethistogram – alisazh_blog ( )IN the VC GROUP WAITING for EVERYONE THERE! ☛ Email for cooperation [email protected]☛healthy food from ROYAL-FOREST with 20% discount for the promotional code Alisa20Я work remotely on the exchange of freelancers Work-zilla. Check MY PLAYLISTS :My marathon weight loss Weight watchers. Recipes of dishes PP PP VLOG grocery shopping Billet PP food Diary PP #1 PP Journal # 2 Cooking together. Simple recipes Hello! My name is Alice and this Here channel you will find videos on a variety of topics : everyday life of a young mother, Vlogs, videos about the household and just talk on various topics. And as I share with you my meals of proper nutrition! Let’s freshen up the place !Subscribe to my channel that would not miss the new videos that come out every week Source: Alisa Zaharova @ Youtube.

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