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Marble pork in spices / marbled meat

#panyhose#neck#seekseek#marbledmeat#Marblemeatinspices#marbled meat with spices preparing easy, unforgettable juicy taste and aroma to create a gastronomic pleasure.When it is easy, unforgettable juicy taste and aroma of smoke create a gastronomic pleasure.Subscribe to channel For cooking you will need:1. Pork marble 1 килограмм2. nitrite salt 20 грамм3. water 100 гамм4. chopped garlic 5 грамм5. chopped peppers red and green for 5 грамм6. chopped dried томаты7. ground black pepper 5 грамм8. syringe for injection кулинарный9. food film==================================================Marble meat in spices.For cooking you will need:1. Sinina marble 1 kilogram2. nitrite salt 20 grams3. water 100 gamma4. chopped garlic 5 grams5. chopped red and green paprika 5 grams6. crushed dry tomatoes7. black pepper 5 grams8. syringe for injections culinary9. food wrap========================================================Playlist “Men’s cooking Recipes”/Mens Kitchen Recipes PLAYLIST: Playlist “Fish recipes” / Fish Recipes Playlist: Playlist “Meat recipes” / Meat Recipes Playlist: Playlist “Salads”: Playlist “Sauces”: Playlist “Soups”: PLAYLIST “Cold Soups”: Playlist “Meatless recipes”: Playlist “Smoked Mackerel, provena, spiced, on the coals.”: Playlist “Baking”: Playlist “Drinks”: Playlist “main dishes”: Playlist “pancake recipe”: Source: Вкусно жить – не запретишь! @ Youtube.

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