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Marinade for PORK for BARBECUE !The video is scored 340 000 views

Gorgeous video recipe : HOW to marinate PORK for SHASHLIK ! The meat will be VERY juicy , delicious and just melts in your mouth ! Bon APPETIT ! Your guests will not leave until all eat !INGREDIENTS ; 1 Pork ( neck of pork ) 3 Onions 2 kg. 10 PCs 3 allspice 2 tbsp. of 4 Dry seasonings for skewers 4 tablespoons 5 Oil. 4-5 art. spoons 6 Bay leaves 3 PCs. My cooking channel”Recipes uncle Vitya” , tell and show you all about cooking , the secrets of cooking various dishes , old and forgotten recipes . On the principles and secrets of marinating , a lot of pastries . And a lot of tasty and wholesome food . Well, quite a bit about health , travel , and related equipment , repairs and so on . d . ME will FIND : YouTube : Facebook : VK : Odnoklassniki : #Marinavladimirovna #of Marinacampoisoladelba #Marineanimals #Marinades #Marinedanny #Camarinhamatos #of Bisexual #Pochasovaya #Receptacle #Receptorlength #Receptiveness #Receptorlike #of Shashlykov #of Recapturing Source: РЕЦЕПТЫ дяди ВИТИ @ Youtube.

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